Best Milk Tea Franchise In The Philippines

Milk tea craze has just been getting crazier. Such business industry has grown popular among the Filipinos over the past few years. Several theories have surrounded where the famous beverage originated. Liu Han Chie of Chun Shui Tang Teahouse in Taichung, Taiwan, claimed that he tried out the idea of cold tea after observing the Japanese people who enjoyed drinking cold coffee. He experimented with the cold milk tea by adding various elements like fruits, syrup, candied yams, and tapioca pearls. It was then in the 1990s that the drink became popular in most parts of East and Southeast Asia. Several milk tea brands have emerged over the years since it has become famous in the country. Here are some of the best milk tea franchises in the Philippines:

1. Chatime

Chatime, as its name implies teatime, is just of the most famous milk tea houses in the country. It was founded by Henry Wang Yao-Hui in 2005 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It originated in Taiwan and has expanded to more than 1000 locations worldwide in just seven years, making this brand globally certified. The Chatime franchise package includes a contract term of three (3) years. Its franchise model is individual, which means that most of your sales go to you and a small part to Chatime. Store location has to be 40 to 60 sqm, with at least four (4) to eight (8) staff members for the store’s operation. The franchising package includes a 15-day training for the crews. This consists of 6-day operational instructions, a 2-day management strategy for the franchisee or manager, 6-day operational training, and a day for assessment. What sets Chatime above its competitors is their research and development, where they have their own exclusive food lab to innovate their drinks.

2. Gong Cha

Gong Cha, which means Tribute Tea, originated from the provision of the most premium and refined teas to the Emperor of China. Contrary to what most believed that it is a Singaporean brand, it was established in Taiwan in 2006 by a Hong Kong native. Six years after it was established, it has grown into an international brand with stores in different sides of  the world such as Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, mainland China, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Brunei. It has more than 1,500 outlets available in the world. This brand boasts various flavors that make their customers come back for more. For those who are in the United States who wish to franchise Gong Cha, a single-franchise unit is available with a franchise fee of $39,500 per unit or around 2 million Philippine pesos. One can put up the franchise in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Texas.

3. Macao Imperial Tea

Macao Imperial Tea, from the name itself, came from Macao. It is the first milk tea brand that served the people in China. Since its establishment, it has already expanded with over 300 branches to other parts of Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. In the Philippines alone, it already has forty outlets all over the country, the majority of which is located in Manila. Macao Imperial Tea is proud to serve its customers with top-most quality controlled drinks and foods. The tea leaves are originally sourced out from Macao to ensure the authentic taste the customers deserve and stay true to its Macao roots. They have 61 different varieties of drinks, not limited to milk tea, soda, coffee, and chocolates alongside nine add-ons that one can choose from. Their beverages come in cute reusable containers as part of their marketing strategy.  Customers enjoy a ten percent off on the next purchase when they bring the reusable tumbler.

4. Happy Lemon

Like any other milk tea brands, Happy Lemon also started and was established first in Taiwan in 2006. It had also gained its international identity when it opened its first European Bubble tea shop in Chinatown, London, in 2015. It later expanded to neighboring cities like Birmingham’s China town, Manchester’s China town and Coventry Warwick University in the United Kingdom. It has also ventured to other countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines. An estimated ₱8.5 million is required as an initial investment for one to open a franchise of Happy Lemon. A two-week training program will be provided, and it will be held in Taiwan/China. Then a senior staff member from Happy Lemon will be sent to the location to conduct the on-site training for another two weeks. Such staff will also assist during the opening and will stay at most for four weeks to ensure smooth store operation.

5. Serenitea

Serenitea was founded in 2008. Contrary to other popular milk tea brands available in the Philippines, Serenitea started in the said country. The couple Juliet Herrera and Peter Chen started their own line and brand of milk tea after the latter immersed himself in Taiwan to study the making of tea. What makes Serenitea different from the others is the way how they prepare their tea. They use an espresso machine in brewing the tea with the option of customizing it in terms of sweetness level and sinkers. Aside from that, they have designed the tea shops with cozy settings and ambiance that people enjoy in coffee shops. The couple admitted that it was a risk to try it on, but they didn’t lose hope. They are thankful to the food bloggers, writers from the magazines and newspapers for the word of mouth advertising, and recommendations that made the brand known to many Filipinos. Currently, Serenitea has over fifty (50) shops all over the country in a span of ten years.

6. CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice also started in Taiwan and expanded in China in 1997. Its first venture is serving fresh drinks made from tea and fruits. The brand currently offers six drink categories that their customers can choose from. They have fruit tea, milk tea, cream and latte, fresh tea, juice, and chocolate. It has also explored other markets outside China like New York, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Los Angeles, South Africa, and the Philippines. CoCo now has more than 2,500 stores worldwide. To ensure consistency in the quality that they promote, they provide resources for training and create an excellent management structure. Training manuals are also given. All negotiations about franchising CoCo are doe though the main office in Taiwan. They have been in the industry for more than five years already, with tried and tested business model and support for training. 

7. Ochado Milk Tea

From milk teas originating from Taiwan and China, Ochado started in Singapore in 2010. However, the word Ochado comes from two Japanese words OCHA and CHADO, which mean “tea” and “Japanese way,” respectively. This brand focuses on brewing the tea the Japanese way, and it has been well-loved and accepted by the people in Singapore. Not too long after, it established outlets in its neighboring countries like Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, aand the Philippines. They offer a cost-effective franchise program package and have a dedicated team working on product innovation and marketing strategies. One of the benefits of franchising Ochado is the security of huge profit when success formulas are met, such as low-cost supplies, proper placement, and good marketing techniques. Ochado currently has two franchise packages that you can choose from. Each package consists of the franchise fee, raw materials, basic equipment, POS system, and store construction. Security deposit and aircon are not included. The store size depends on the package that you will avail. The minimum area of the store is 30 square meters.


Business is a risky decision. General knowledge on the market like how to run it is very much helpful for entrepreneurs but seeking for professional support will greatly make a long way in your business endeavor. For those who wish to ride on the milk tea craze and have been contemplating to acquire franchising rights on one of the best milk tea brands in the Philippines, seeking help from franchise consultants can be a great step towards attaining business success. Franchise consultants work directly with franchisors and help the latter to close deals for franchise sales.

But before anything else, it is best to understand and have an in-depth knowledge about franchising. You can research and read a thing or two about franchising to see if this business venture is really for you. Learning it from the heart can prevent you from committing possible mistakes and saving you from franchising scams. Once you have decided which milk tea brand you would like to franchise, make sure to complete and check first all the essential details you need. Have a checklist on you so you won’t miss a thing. Should you wish to try on other brands aside from milk tea, you can browse here for other businesses in the market available for franchising.

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