GEJAKS Corporation is a property developer whose main mission is to improve the lifestyle of the residents and uplift the quality of services in the surrounding community.

These spaces are located at the ground and the second floor of the building, beside & above a bustling grocery store. Our area has a very high concentration of C and D market customers, and the location of the units is highly visible, with high human and vehicular traffic, and serves as drop off and pick up points for PUVs (jeepneys, tricycles, and pedicabs). As such, these spaces are highly desirable for service-oriented and small goods businesses. Units are equipped with CR, utility area, and individual water and electricity meter.

Surrounded by residential areas and near the following schools: APEC Schools, AH Lacson Elementary School, T. Paez Integrated School, Westminster High School, Immaculate Conception Academy Manila, and San Rafael Parochial School.

Perfect for food carts, drugstores, and other service-oriented businesses.

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Ad Id: 734 Posted on: Jul 21, 2020


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