About L. C. Bigmak Franchise

“Big, fresh, convenient, affordable and made-to-order”

Nothing beats a good old burger to save the day for one’s hunger pangs for snacks or main meal.

Unknown to many, the original home of Quezon Province’s best tasting burgers lies at the corner of Lucena City’s very own burger van where the first L.C. BIGMAK burger was born. For over 30 years, L.C. BIGMAK INC. has mastered the art of burger making, serving millions of burgers since 1984.

Borne from the creative minds of business couple, Mr. And Mrs. Francis and Edna Dy, with only one grinder and some cup used as pattern for making patties, topped with patience, hard work and faith in God, the L.C. BIGMAK INC. now has grow more than 850 outlets all throughout the Philippines.

The name L.C. BIGMAK INC. came from the initials of Mr. Dy’s Parents, Maxima and Kimsuy-forming MAK in the L.C. BIGMAK brand. Inspired with big buns and big burger patties, and Lucena City being its homeland, L.C. BIGMAK INC. first opened in Quezon Avenue Corner Rizal Street, Lucena City, in November of 1984. More than 30 years after, burger history was made.

Armed with their vision to be the top-of-mind in terms of the burger kiosk business in the country and in the world, L.C. BIGMAK INC. is finally opening its door to franchising.

As the market for fast-food services increases, the demand for comfort food, such as burgers with big buns and patties sold at a very reasonable price, also increases. This window of opportunity gives the LC Big Mak franchisee bigger room for sales and cost-effective ways to reach the highest growth potential.  With big burgers being the core product, the business system is made simple and easy to operate. Though the franchise package is cost-friendly and affordable, system compliance is a must.

The taste and quality of the products will never be compromised even with the fast and convenient service delivered to customers. Now that it is open for franchising, standards will be met with the help of a professionally made franchise system, marketing plan and training.

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Phone/Mobile Number: 09988422454

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: www.facebook.com/pg/LCBigMakBurgerIncOfficial

L. C. Bigmak Franchise Business Address

SPC Compound, Diversion Road
Brgy. Domoit, Lucena City




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